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Are you resisting positve change?

Good morning all

The last few days have been an incredible accumulation of synchronicities for me, teaching me yet again that energy follows focus and that what we focus on expands. It is the little things as well as the big ones that point us in the right direction, but that also show us where our inner focus really lies. Let it be the title of the book that your friends puts on the table, which is exactly saying what has been on your mind for days. Let it be a conversation on the streets you overhear that gives you the answer to the question you have been mulling over for a while. Or let it be a word that keeps appearing everywhere and is seemingly aligned with what is going on in your life. You see the same name written on a billboard, then on a car, you might hear it in a song and suddenly a friend you haven't heard from for years with that name runs into on your way to work. You better stop and find out what that meeting is all about.

I have learnt to take those signs and synchronicities very seriously and they have proven to be some of the most powerful pointers of what I need to do in order to be happy, allow into my life what I aim for, or even let go of what I need to release. Syncronicities are evidence that you have changed your perspective and your filters that I speak of so much in my programmes and that we all have. Synchronicities are evidence that you are opening up more and more towards the new experience you might want.

Now it is time to take notice, take action and release the resistance to change.

The resistance to change you might ask? Yep that seems to be the biggest back holder for so many of us. Pretty much every person I have ever met is saying I WANT CHANGE (somewhere in their life) yet pretty much no one ever said I WANT TO CHANGE.

Because change means leaving your comfort zone, the unknown, the place where you know what you gonna get. And even though that is often not what you want, subconsciously it is more comforting to get what you already know even though it might not be comfortable at all. God knows I have experienced this struggle many times myself and it still catches me off guard sometimes when I am not cautious of my mindset and an old fear is being triggered. But the aim is not to have no triggers anymore, the aim is to be able to decide on how I want to react.
It is about having an option where having an option simply wasn't an option before.

Now there is the choice to change and that is when synchronicites appear to help you stay on track.

When I teach my workshops I usually start with an introduction and then go straight into a trance coaching session to release the resistance to positive change in our life. This allows us to see new opportunities that we usually wouldn't notice. It allows us to objectively listen to what we can do rather than dismissing new ideas by default because it doesn't fit our existing belief system. And so as we allow ourself to change, and release the resistance to change new doors will fly open, new opportunities will arise and you will have it much easier to take inspired action and create the change you really long for.

The resistance to change is what keeps us safe - or so it seems - because it keeps us out of the danger of being laughed at, of being seen, of being vulnerable, of failing, also of being successful, of being abandoned by our friends or family. Change brings all these dangers with it or so we think subconsciouly, but when we explore this in our sessions, usually these dangers aren't dangers at all, consciously they make no sense and aren't true at all and yet they hold us firmly in a place of not moving forward.

I can't tell you in a newsletter what your resistance might be as these are very personal paradigms that everyone holds for themselves, (that is why personal coaching is usually so powerful), but I can show you here how you open up that door for yourself and release the resistance to change.

You can start by stating a powerful intention, that you are ready to let go of what is holding you back. What ever that might. The more you look in that direction the more you will now notice those synchronicities pointing you the right way, often encouraging you. They might also show you where you are holding yourself back and so if an old pattern keeps popping up be grateful for the insight and say to yourself
I am ready to change, I am ready to let this go.
The biggest game changer is that you are willing to change and I would have a mantra ready that I like a lot:

Yes, it is important to say “an even better version”, for there is broken or wrong with you taht needs fixing. You are already awesome as you are and we want to acknowledge that first for you to then grow even more.

If you want to take this another step deeper please join us in this weeks online Trance Group where I will exactly address this topic. In all this mindfulness and meditation TRANCE GROUP will take it a whole step deeper and I will take you through a deep level trance called


Although we meet live online on Thursday the 24th at 1pm London time, the recording will go straight into your membership folder where you can access and use it as long as you like, along with the other trances we record bi-weekly. You can read more about this group in the last blog here:

Once you join you have immediate access to the latest two recordings called
Body Healing and Self Acceptance. This way you don't have to wait till Thursday and can start your inner work immediatly.

You might be holding yourself back to fully experience your gifts and talents, but remember you are magnificent beyond measure and I would like to invite you to welcome positive change now.

To your magnificence.


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