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Meet Gido...

Selfacceptance is the #1 key to living a life you want

Oh I have been waiting for this day for a very long time

Many of you remember the trance group I used to run in the heart of Covent Garden in London and I know many of you frequently came down to enjoy the deep trance coaching session in your lunch breaks. I also heard from many of you how much you have missed this deep recharger once a week and truth been told so have I.

And so I am extremely excited that I finally found a platform in which I can not only bring the trance group back, but allow you to keep the trances to work with them whereever, whenever and how often you like. You see back in the day people dropped in during their lunchbeak, had the live experience but couldn't take the trance home. And the more you listen to a tc session, the deeper the programming goes of course.

“Since our trance session when we worked through some blocks I was having, my career oppertunities have been rolling in thick and heavy. One job after the other; leaving me with a wonderful balance of my two careers... I have a new-found confidence that I am able to access all the quality work I can handle once I invite it in. I couldn’t be happier with the pace of all of this. On top of the exciting projects I have earned more money this month than I usually do in 4 month!

L.S., London

And so Trance Group is back, it is still live, but it is online. And weather you can join a specific meeting or not, you will always have the chance to listen to the latest or your favourite trances, simply by logging into your membership area. This way you have continous access to what you need. You can imagine that I have spent a long time meditating on the rate I can charge for this

When I was still offering single sessions it usually started at £130 for me to create a personalised trance, which is now only available as part of a coaching package. When we were running the live group people would pay £12 to drop in, but of course only had the one time experience. Now you will have access to all trances we do, whenever and wherever you want. And you can repeat and use them for as long as the group exists.

So I needed to find a price that reflects the value of what this work can really do for you, but I also wanted it to be affordable and accessible. So here is my offer for you:

“It works! Trance coaching has allowed me to discard my negative patterns and helped me to realign my thoughts positively in order to achieve my optimum life potential. Gido is a well established and highly gifted healer - a complete inspiration.”
M.S. Photographer, London

The membership should really be £47 for the full package.
However the first 30 members will register as founding members for only £17/ month. (Obviously you can cancel at any time). I know this is very low but I want to honour you who have been with me for so many years and have been on this journey with me. The next 20 memberships will still only cost £27/months, and we keep going in those steps until we reach the full rate of £47.

But what do you actually get?
The membership includes a new live trance every second week and access to all the recordings since your joining date. In September we will most likely reduce to 1 new trance a month, as I believe by then the archive will give you access to support on every topic of your life. As a founding members you will get your say in what topics you would want to have covered next, so we are creating your membership together. :)

Just to let you know, the first founding members have already signed up and we are staring in 14 hours! :)))

Tomorrow at 1pm is our first recording.
If you want to have access to the first recording please join the group here:
Of course you have a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk at all..

I would be very excited to have you as one of the founding members of the Creative High Achievers trance group and I simply cannot wait to start.

In case you never experienced trance coaching before:

A trance coaching session really is a perfect mix of hypnosis, guided meditation and visualisation and in my experience goes much deeper than any of those techniques on its own. With trance coaching we have the opportunity to address the autonomic nerveous system directly and surpass the critical mind, the gate keeper between your conscious and your subconsious mind that usually dictates the new information you can absorb. Thats right: Often new opportunities that you would love to have in your life are right in front of you, but they don't even register with your system, because your gatekeeper has filtered it out, in order to make sure that the information you 'get' suits your exisiting belief system.
We will talk much more about this in the following weeks.

“I wasn’t expecting something so powerful and intense.”
E.A. France

Once you are deeply relaxed your whole system is already resetting to be more vital, aligned with your true self and your immune system is fully activated. In that deep state we can then address the autonomic nervours system (ANS) that runs the automatic functions in your body, and your deeply rooted beliefs. I strongly believe that the relaxation part is a true gift for the body in itself and I always loved this deep trance state. I can literaly feel my cells buzzing when I come out of it. But I digress...
In this deep state when the critical mind is open we can then plant the suggestions that your system might reject otherwise.

In tomorrow's session we will work on self acceptance and being at peace with your gifts and talents, with what makes you unique and special. Just imagine you had that deep knowing that everything is okay and that you are good just as you are. How would you feel, act and react differently in your life if you would know and trust that?

Self-love and self-acceptance are the number one key to living a life you want, because it allows you to step out of your own way. And life truly becomes yours to create!

The fear I often come across when I address this topic with my clients is that they will be perceived as arrogant, too full of themselves or will not be liked. But you see in my experience the reality is very different. Arrogance usually comes from a place of lack and the need to project something that we fear isn't there. Someone who is truly accepting of who is, is usally very humble and lives in a place of gratitude and yet this knowing gives an enormous strength and power to back up his decisions and visions.

Are you ready to embrace your gifts and your true self?

Join the Trance group now and I will see you tomorrow then and we will dive right in.
For best results please wear headphones, turn off any distraction and make sure you sit or lie down comfortably. And as always don't listen to any trances while driving, operating heavy machinery or are in sole charge of small children.

I can't wait and see you tomorrow at 1pm London time.

Much love



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