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Is the fear of rejection holding you back?

Hello guys

While I was in preparations for the next recording for my online trance group - being okay with rejection - I realised how big this topic really is and how much it holds most of us back in various areas of life. And So I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

In one of the modalities I use in my private coaching we test for congruency in the subconscious beliefs, meaning we find out if you are subconsciously aligned with what you consciously want to achieve or aim for. This can be from healing a physical issue to making more money, to performing better in your job or having a more loving relationship. If we carry any unconscious beliefs around those areas that are associated with a negative outcome, chances are that subconsciously we won’t allow ourselves to go there - to have that loving relationship, to perform to the best of our ability or even to heal. But let me explain how that works and how the fear of rejection plays into that.

Just as an example imagine you aim to be outstandingly successful in your career and so you drive that way and you might even know exactly what to do in order to get there. Then you keep hitting the same road bumps or you find yourself sabotaging your own success. You might invest in the wrong things, not prepare what you need to do, go out partying when you shouldn't etc. Or those road bumps seem completely out of your responsibly, like things that happen to you without you doing anything and yet you wonder why it is always the same problem that you face. A problem that others don't seem to have in the same position and yet you seem to be hitting the same wall over and over again

That right there is your belief system at work that will only allow you to go a certain way. To find out what that is I always say we go and find the core belief under a situation and then go under that belief, under that belief and then under that belief to uncover what is really going on. Once you realise what your paradigms are, (the beliefs and filters through which you see the world) you can make changes at the very source of your patterns. Often just the insight will crack open that paradigm completely and your system will now make new sense of why you should be successful for instance, rather than subconsciously protecting you from it. And you are aligned.

Now in that space there is a test I like to run with my clients, to see how much they are now okay with rejection and loneliness and that is usually when the true fears flag up. But wait Gido, they say, doesn't that mean I attract more rejection and loneliness into my life when I am okay with it, when all I want is more abundance, being accepted and loved for what I do?

It is actually quite the opposite. In order to be doing the best that you can, you need to be able to detach from the outcome and even be at peace with being rejected and lonely. What this allows you to do is to not aim to please others and water down what makes you unique. Water down the best possible version of your work, but stand tall in your beliefs and give it 100%. This will also allow you to be calm, peaceful and confident, because you are not attached to an outcome. Which of course means you can serve each situation properly and allow others to do the same.

What happens then is that the people you talk to can tune completely into your true vision. They can feel your integrity and authenticity and know if it is right or not right for them. And this is what we want to achieve. BE in that place of knowing what is right for us and allowing others to do the same. We now just have to find out if the vibrations match or not.
So having let go of the fear of being rejected has now allowed you to give it your all. It allows you to be confident and give unconditionally and most people feel very much at peace when they meet someone like this.

My advice for anyone in any situation is to enjoy and dive into the clear vision of how you would like to have this situation unfold. What is your perfect outcome? Feel it, enjoy it, and then let that go, and trust that the best thing will happen. Go in with a strong intent but completely let go of your expectation of how it should now unfold. Nothing will set you free more... I trained myself to think ‘What do I know whats best for me?’ (meaning I know nothing..) which usually allows me to follow an inner guidance, be less nervous, be less fearful and to bring ideas and talents to the table that otherwise I couldn't access.

I would love to hear what you are able to do when you let go of expectations and the need to be liked and what that new resonance is giving you.

If you want to take this even deeper and help yourself to let go of the fear of being rejected, to make clearer and more confident choices in life, then join us for this week’s online trance group.
This new trance is going online tomorrow, Thursday June15th 2016 at 1pm London time,
as always alongside a short video, to explain why this week’s topic is important to work on. In case you don't know yet, the trance group is a monthly membership that allows you to continously work on different topics of your life in your own time and where ever you want, through the medium of trance coaching. A powerful mix of hypnosis and guided meditation. So far you can find the fallowing topics in your membership area:
Body Healing
Self Acceptance
Release the resistance to change
Release the fear of not being loved
Chakra balancing
Success Alignment
Making healthy choices
and from tomorrow of course: Being okay with rejection!

I just had an email though from one of the members in Germany saying about the trance group:

“With all the wonderful trances I feel really at my best. At the moment I always listen to them in the early afternoon before I walk my dog and I don't think I have managed it once yet to listen to any one of them completely consciously, because I seem to go so deep so quickly. They also seem to always pop up in the perfect order and so I cant really say which one is my favourite. Though I have noticed that after listening to the chakra trance I always glow like a firefly for several hours… ;) Physically I suddenly feel better too and getting up all those stairs doesn't cause any problems anymore…”

I have seen many magical results like this one with clients who are using trances and I would love for you to experience this as well. That is why I still kept the founding members offer open. As soon as you are logged in you have access to the entire archive and until September 16 there will be a new trance waiting for you every 2 weeks. Then we will reduce it to 1 trance a month as the library will be quite extensive by then and you can choose what support you want the most. So if you want the full reconditioning experience and expand what is possible for you join us now and get the newest recording the moment it comes out.

As always there is a 30-day-money-back guarantee if you find it is not for you (as long as you haven't downloaded the trances to your hard-drive and only used the online version). And of course there is no contract. You can always cancel as you please.
And here is the best part: At the moment this is still going for the founding members special of only £17/month and of course you will stay on this very special rate even when we will take it up to the full price of £27 monthly as soon as all founding member slots are taken.

I would be so happy to welcome you to our community. As someone once said: "Gido, in all this meditation and mindfulness, you are taking it a whole level deeper." :)

Much love to you and oh…

If you want to hear more about how the fear of rejection might be holding you back, check out my latest video on Instagram.



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