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Is the fear of rejection holding you back?

Hello guys

While I was in preparations for the next recording for my online trance group - being okay with rejection - I realised how big this topic really is and how much it holds most of us back in various areas of life. And So I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

In one of the modalities I use in my private coaching we test for congruency in the subconscious beliefs, meaning we find out if you are subconsciously aligned with what you consciously want to achieve or aim for. This can be from healing a physical issue to making more money, to performing better in your job or having a more loving relationship. If we carry any unconscious beliefs around those areas that are associated with a negative outcome, chances are that subconsciously we won’t allow ourselves to go there - to have that loving relationship, to perform to the best of our ability or even to heal. But let me explain how that works and how the fear of rejection plays into that.

Just as an example imagine you aim to be outstandingly successful in your career and so you drive that way and you might even know exactly what to do in order to get there. Then you keep hitting the same road bumps or you find yourself sabotaging your own success. You might invest in the wrong things, not prepare what you need to do, go out partying when you shouldn't etc. Or those road bumps seem completely out of your responsibly, like things that happen to you without you doing anything and yet you wonder why it is always the same problem that you face. A problem that others don't seem to have in the same position and yet you seem to be hitting the same wall over and over again

That right there is your belief system at work that will only allow you to go a certain way. To find out what that is I always say we go and find the core belief under a situation and then go under that belief, under that belief and then under that belief to uncover what is really going on. Once you realise what your paradigms are, (the beliefs and filters through which you see the world) you can make changes at the very source of your patterns. Often just the insight will crack open that paradigm completely and your system will now make new sense of why you should be successful for instance, rather than subconsciously protecting you from it. And you are aligned.

Now in that space there is a test I like to run with my clients, to see how much they are now okay with rejection and loneliness and that is usually when the true fears flag up. But wait Gido, they say, doesn't that mean I attract more rejection and loneliness into my life when I am okay with it, when all I want is more abundance, being accepted and loved for what I do?

It is actually quite the opposite. In order to be doing the best that you can, you need to be able to detach from the outcome and even be at peace with being rejected and lonely. What this allows you to do is to not aim to please others and water down what makes you unique. Water down the best possible version of your work, but stand tall in your beliefs and give it 100%. This will also allow you to be calm, peaceful and confident, because you are not attached to an outcome. Which of course means you can serve each situation properly and allow others to do the same.

What happens then is that the people you talk to can tune completely into your true vision. They can feel your integrity and authenticity and know if it is right or not right for them. And this is what we want to achieve. BE in that place of knowing what is right for us and allowing others to do the same. We now just have to find out if the vibrations match or not.
So having let go of the fear of being rejected has now allowed you to give it your all. It allows you to be confident and give unconditionally and most people feel very much at peace when they meet someone like this.

My advice for anyone in any situation is to enjoy and dive into the clear vision of how you would like to have this situation unfold. What is your perfect outcome? Feel it, enjoy it, and then let that go, and trust that the best thing will happen. Go in with a strong intent but completely let go of your expectation of how it should now unfold. Nothing will set you free more... I trained myself to think ‘What do I know whats best for me?’ (meaning I know nothing..) which usually allows me to follow an inner guidance, be less nervous, be less fearful and to bring ideas and talents to the table that otherwise I couldn't access.

I would love to hear what you are able to do when you let go of expectations and the need to be liked and what that new resonance is giving you.

If you want to take this even deeper and help yourself to let go of the fear of being rejected, to make clearer and more confident choices in life, then join us for this week’s online trance group.
This new trance is going online tomorrow, Thursday June15th 2016 at 1pm London time,
as always alongside a short video, to explain why this week’s topic is important to work on. In case you don't know yet, the trance group is a monthly membership that allows you to continously work on different topics of your life in your own time and where ever you want, through the medium of trance coaching. A powerful mix of hypnosis and guided meditation. So far you can find the fallowing topics in your membership area:
Body Healing
Self Acceptance
Release the resistance to change
Release the fear of not being loved
Chakra balancing
Success Alignment
Making healthy choices
and from tomorrow of course: Being okay with rejection!

I just had an email though from one of the members in Germany saying about the trance group:

“With all the wonderful trances I feel really at my best. At the moment I always listen to them in the early afternoon before I walk my dog and I don't think I have managed it once yet to listen to any one of them completely consciously, because I seem to go so deep so quickly. They also seem to always pop up in the perfect order and so I cant really say which one is my favourite. Though I have noticed that after listening to the chakra trance I always glow like a firefly for several hours… ;) Physically I suddenly feel better too and getting up all those stairs doesn't cause any problems anymore…”

I have seen many magical results like this one with clients who are using trances and I would love for you to experience this as well. That is why I still kept the founding members offer open. As soon as you are logged in you have access to the entire archive and until September 16 there will be a new trance waiting for you every 2 weeks. Then we will reduce it to 1 trance a month as the library will be quite extensive by then and you can choose what support you want the most. So if you want the full reconditioning experience and expand what is possible for you join us now and get the newest recording the moment it comes out.

As always there is a 30-day-money-back guarantee if you find it is not for you (as long as you haven't downloaded the trances to your hard-drive and only used the online version). And of course there is no contract. You can always cancel as you please.
And here is the best part: At the moment this is still going for the founding members special of only £17/month and of course you will stay on this very special rate even when we will take it up to the full price of £27 monthly as soon as all founding member slots are taken.

I would be so happy to welcome you to our community. As someone once said: "Gido, in all this meditation and mindfulness, you are taking it a whole level deeper." :)

Much love to you and oh…

If you want to hear more about how the fear of rejection might be holding you back, check out my latest video on Instagram.


Is success a dirty word?

Hello guys

for a while now there has been a quote floating through the internet that has been credited to the Dalai Lama saying that

“The plain fact is that the planet does not need more successful people. But it does desperately need more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind. It needs people who live well in their places. It needs people of moral courage willing to join the fight to make the world habitable and humane. And these qualities have little to do with success as we have defined it.”

Actually this was originally a quote by David W.Orr if my research is right, but for the sake of this newsletter it really doesn't matter who said it, but it does hit a nerve. When I first read it on top of a picture of the Dalai Lama I had very mixed feelings about this quote, knowing that it would give a lot of people the excuse they needed to NOT go for their dreams. It would also allow people to feel that it is better for the world that they are not successful and that made me very sad.

Do I disagree with the quote? Not at all. I actually feel it is spot on and we need more people who care for the greater good, who are healers, peacemakers, storytellers and lovers of every kind. But I never understood why that stood in opposition to being successful.

The people I work with are often exactly that: storytellers, healers and lovers of all kind and they are often very successful with it and yet it is this word SUCCESS that often creates a massive resistance in them to actually go out and do what they love most, what they know can touch the hearts of many and may even heal them. They hold back with their talents because being successful has become such a dirty word…

But let me explain: the first thing we need to do is to address what success actually means and especially what it means to you.
As used in this quote, Success is often read as the better lifestyle, the sexy partner, the fancy car, the big house and an overflow of money in the account. Having all you want on the outside. Still I don't see anything wrong with it in its essence, however if the money and the external belongings are all that measures up to equate success we do indeed have a problem.

If the only drive is to have more than the next person, come in first, and accumulate more of what we don't really need, then yes - We don't need more successful people. And I have worked with enough clients who had all that, who were incerdibly successful and yet were incredible unhappy, torn and empty at the beginning of our journey together. They were mostly confused that they can't be happy now that they have achieved what they thought would make them happy..

And here lies the clue to what success really means, at least to me.

The oxford dictionaries define success like this:
The accomplishment of an aim or purpose!

I believe that aim or purpose is always to be happy!!!

Happy with who I am, being able to explore and expand my talents whatever they are. Living what I was put on this earth to do (and that does not have to be some big purpose of healing the world, this can be anything that fills you with joy and makes your heart sing.) Success to me means being able to live those qualities and sustain myself with that in a lifestyle I feel suits me. And if you reach that level of happiness first and it reflects in the house, the car and lifestyle, than that is a beautiful and inspiring thing to see. It always was for me, because it allows others to live their purpose and dreams as well.

But why am I so passionate about this? Because I see so many people who don't allow themselves to be successful. Or when they are they dont allow themsleves to be happy in living their dreams. They sabotage themselves in their successes for various reasons. Some might fear that they will fail along the way and so they hold back, others don't want to take the risk of being laughed at or are scared of what it means when they leave the inner circles they have known. One thing I have learnt over the past 9 years of working with the high achievers in various industries is that THE FEAR OF SUCCESS is as real as the FEAR OF FAILURE.
And often it has to do with what I feared the quote above will do. Success becomes a dirty word!

We might feel judged for our drive. We are afraid of loosing our friends and not being loved the same way we are now. Will they only like me for my achievements then? We might believe that all successful people are liars and therefore we cant allow ourselves to ever be successful.

In the last 2 talks I gave I did an exercise for people to explore their innermost believe about success and about themselves. And interestingly enough in both talks people's mindset around successful people was: They are annoying! And this came from guests whose aim is to be successful. Why would you allow yourself to be something that you won't like?

Do you see the dilemma? In their belief system becoming successful will ultimately mean that they will also become annoying and that they will have to choose. Be nice or be successful.
And of course that has nothing to do with the truth. It is just a belief that will hold you locked in firmly of struggling with being successful.

So I say the world needs successful people, because what the world really needs is people who are happy to be who they truly are, with all their magnificence, sharing their talents. Just imagine the healers, lovers, peacemakers and storytellers we would have. Their aim and purpose of being truly who they are would inspire everyone else to do so and in my humble opinion this sounds a rather beautiful place to be in.

So what are your dreams and desires, what makes you really tick and your heart overflow with joy? And are you aligned with being successful in being that? Are you aligned with being successful in being you and let your world reflect that?

In this week’s trance coaching session we will address exactly that. We will help you not only allow yourself to be successful, but align with your true self and talents, so you can be what you were born to be: You, happy and successful. Everything else is just a script I would advise you not to follow anymore.

Join us in the online trance group here if you are not a member yet. The TC group is a monthly membership where you not only get your regular new trance coachings with what I call a mini workshop before hand, but you also have access to all past trances on Self acceptance, releasing the fear of not being loved, chakra balance and releasing the resistance to positive change and more.

Here is to your success, your magnificence and who you are meant to be!


The fear of not being loved

Isn't that interesting? I was just about to start writing this newsletter on the fear of not being loved and found myself spelling out the fear OF being loved. I feel there is a whole other area we want to look at some time, the fear off actually being loved and what being loved actually means to us, but as always this is one side to a medal that can bring a strong drive into your life as much as it can block you from enjoying your life. The other side of the medal, and what I really want to focus on today is the fear of NOT being loved though and how this is one of the only two fears in our life that everything boils down to.

As I prepare for a big new workshop I will lead this weekend in Salzburg, this topic of the fear of not being loved keeps popping up as one of the key ingredients that leads so many of us to do great things and yet is often the biggest terror that holds us to ransom. But let me explain…

In a culture where so much is valued by the fact if something is liked on Facebook and Instagram or favourited on twitter, this really is just a reflection, and a hugely inflated reflection at that, of what has always been going on in most of our lives. Driven by the basic need to be loved and blocked by the fear to be rejected. A tight space to live in…

As we grow up we learn that we are being rewarded when we behave nicely. “I like you when you are quiet, when you know how to behave amongst grown ups, when you are still while travelling on an airplane” are often things kids get to hear. “Oh isn't he a darling boy, look how well behaved he is!” Sounds familiar?

God forbid you are being a child and laugh out loud, or cry and are being a nuisance to others, mainly the grown ups that don't want to be disturbed. We grow up and pretty early on we learn that if we play our cards right we receive the love from our parents that we want. And if we don't - we don't.

We learn that if we express what we really feel and that doesn't align with their routine, that love is very often pretty quickly pulled away from us. Why do you have to behave that way? Can’t you be more like your brother or the neighbour's daughter? If you play nicely and are quiet on this train ride you will get a nice treat when we get home. And so we go on and our brain starts to make the connections that we have to be a certain way in order to be loved, behave in a certain manner in order to be liked. And as we grow up we might not be told off anymore for playing too loudly in the super market, but we certainly still feel the repercussions.

You might find yourself having a different opinion to everybody else but you won’t express it, for the fear of being laughed at (my friends won't like me then), although you know that you are right and often later on you find that you were right. You might want to change your job, but it doesn't fit into your wife’s or husband’s plans and so you stick out in order to keep the balance right, etc. etc.

All of these are good and almost obvious examples of where we can feel we are holding ourselves back. We almost make a conscious choice here. But I want to take you even deeper to the subconscious decisions we make everyday, that fire off automatically, because we fear we won't be loved if we would make another choice. And this is where the land of paradoxes begins that I see so often in my clients, well in every human being really.

You might be preparing for an interview, you know what you can do and why you would be perfect for that job and yet the moment you are in your meeting it is as if a different personality has taken over. You are coy, begin to dim your light and down play your best qualities. You get nervous and might even talk the interviewer out of hiring you, because deep down your system believes that you shouldn't be so full yourself and that you will be far more liked if you play nice. But guess what happens to the job. That most likely will go to someone who is confident in his qualities and the interviewer knows that he can trust.

This actually happened to a client of mine before we started working. Lets call him John to protect his privacy. Not too long ago John was up for a pretty big job and he shared with me how he found himself in the interview dismantling himself, saying things like “ Well, I can do the job but I won't win any awards for you”. You need to know that he was well aware of the fact, that the interviewer was someone who was always striving to win awards in his fields and would build his team around it.

When we went deep and questioned what really happened in this meeting, that was just one of many, we found out that my client had a deep rooted need to be loved as most of us do. Of course. However in this case it was mixed with the belief that he would only be hired if he was a nice guy and that ultimately meant, that he could only be peceived as a nice guy if he would talk himself down.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he should have been talking himself up, and go in boasting. Quite the opposite. It would have been more than enough to just be who he is, share what he can do and he would have easily secured the job. But the fear of not being loved prevented him from landing the job he wanted, the job he needed and knew he could easily do. And this is the land of paradox I was talking about before.

John wanted the job. He wanted the producer to like him so he would give him the job. He knew the producer needed to know what John could do in order to like him for the position. But John’s subconscious system put the fear of not being loved above all and made sure that he would walk out of that room being a likeable man.

In order to be liked we do the very thing that prevents us from being liked. Paradox!
Or what I call in my practice a loop. A loop that is not easy to get out of, unless we become aware of it and consciously see that it doesn't make sense for us at all anymore.

John didn’t get the job. The producer went with someone he felt was more capable and grounded in his work. And here is the thing: John is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet and being excited about what he can do, will make him even more likeable.

So my question for you is, where are you pulling a John?
Where do you talk people out of liking you so that they like you?

Where do you dim the very things that make you special so someone hopefully loves you. You see there is the next paradox: How many of us are going out on a date trying to hide the very core of who we are, in the hope that we might be loved. And yet we are hoping to be loved the way we are. Be yourself, be proud and at core with who you are. I dare you to show up and share the things that make you special, so that you can be liked and loved for who YOU truly are. Slowly the fear of not being loved will fade away and you will experience a sense of peace that allows you to make decisions, that are in alignment with what is right for you.

And that usually creates outstanding results, in the truest sense of the word.

If you would like to take this even deeper and help you release the fear of not being loved, please join us in tomorrow’s trance group online.

The Trance Group is an online membership that allows you to take meditation and mindfulness a whole level deeper. Every fortnight on a Thursday we will do a trance caching session on an important topic, helping you to release your blocks and creating new behaviours that allow you to be happier, healthier and more aligned with who you are.

The beauty is that you don't have to be online for a certain time. You can access your new and past trances in your membership area whenever you like and start working in your own timing.
Feel free to join us here:
At the moment there are still a few place available for the founding members price of only £17.- /month and of course there is a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.

Tomorrow’s trance coaching session will be at 1pm London time and we will integrate and release the fear of not being loved, which in turn will allow more true resonance, love and likes into your life. How that works I will explain in tomorrows session.

Sending much love


Are you resisting positve change?

Good morning all

The last few days have been an incredible accumulation of synchronicities for me, teaching me yet again that energy follows focus and that what we focus on expands. It is the little things as well as the big ones that point us in the right direction, but that also show us where our inner focus really lies. Let it be the title of the book that your friends puts on the table, which is exactly saying what has been on your mind for days. Let it be a conversation on the streets you overhear that gives you the answer to the question you have been mulling over for a while. Or let it be a word that keeps appearing everywhere and is seemingly aligned with what is going on in your life. You see the same name written on a billboard, then on a car, you might hear it in a song and suddenly a friend you haven't heard from for years with that name runs into on your way to work. You better stop and find out what that meeting is all about.

I have learnt to take those signs and synchronicities very seriously and they have proven to be some of the most powerful pointers of what I need to do in order to be happy, allow into my life what I aim for, or even let go of what I need to release. Syncronicities are evidence that you have changed your perspective and your filters that I speak of so much in my programmes and that we all have. Synchronicities are evidence that you are opening up more and more towards the new experience you might want.

Now it is time to take notice, take action and release the resistance to change.

The resistance to change you might ask? Yep that seems to be the biggest back holder for so many of us. Pretty much every person I have ever met is saying I WANT CHANGE (somewhere in their life) yet pretty much no one ever said I WANT TO CHANGE.

Because change means leaving your comfort zone, the unknown, the place where you know what you gonna get. And even though that is often not what you want, subconsciously it is more comforting to get what you already know even though it might not be comfortable at all. God knows I have experienced this struggle many times myself and it still catches me off guard sometimes when I am not cautious of my mindset and an old fear is being triggered. But the aim is not to have no triggers anymore, the aim is to be able to decide on how I want to react.
It is about having an option where having an option simply wasn't an option before.

Now there is the choice to change and that is when synchronicites appear to help you stay on track.

When I teach my workshops I usually start with an introduction and then go straight into a trance coaching session to release the resistance to positive change in our life. This allows us to see new opportunities that we usually wouldn't notice. It allows us to objectively listen to what we can do rather than dismissing new ideas by default because it doesn't fit our existing belief system. And so as we allow ourself to change, and release the resistance to change new doors will fly open, new opportunities will arise and you will have it much easier to take inspired action and create the change you really long for.

The resistance to change is what keeps us safe - or so it seems - because it keeps us out of the danger of being laughed at, of being seen, of being vulnerable, of failing, also of being successful, of being abandoned by our friends or family. Change brings all these dangers with it or so we think subconsciouly, but when we explore this in our sessions, usually these dangers aren't dangers at all, consciously they make no sense and aren't true at all and yet they hold us firmly in a place of not moving forward.

I can't tell you in a newsletter what your resistance might be as these are very personal paradigms that everyone holds for themselves, (that is why personal coaching is usually so powerful), but I can show you here how you open up that door for yourself and release the resistance to change.

You can start by stating a powerful intention, that you are ready to let go of what is holding you back. What ever that might. The more you look in that direction the more you will now notice those synchronicities pointing you the right way, often encouraging you. They might also show you where you are holding yourself back and so if an old pattern keeps popping up be grateful for the insight and say to yourself
I am ready to change, I am ready to let this go.
The biggest game changer is that you are willing to change and I would have a mantra ready that I like a lot:

Yes, it is important to say “an even better version”, for there is broken or wrong with you taht needs fixing. You are already awesome as you are and we want to acknowledge that first for you to then grow even more.

If you want to take this another step deeper please join us in this weeks online Trance Group where I will exactly address this topic. In all this mindfulness and meditation TRANCE GROUP will take it a whole step deeper and I will take you through a deep level trance called


Although we meet live online on Thursday the 24th at 1pm London time, the recording will go straight into your membership folder where you can access and use it as long as you like, along with the other trances we record bi-weekly. You can read more about this group in the last blog here:

Once you join you have immediate access to the latest two recordings called
Body Healing and Self Acceptance. This way you don't have to wait till Thursday and can start your inner work immediatly.

You might be holding yourself back to fully experience your gifts and talents, but remember you are magnificent beyond measure and I would like to invite you to welcome positive change now.

To your magnificence.

Selfacceptance is the #1 key to living a life you want

Oh I have been waiting for this day for a very long time

Many of you remember the trance group I used to run in the heart of Covent Garden in London and I know many of you frequently came down to enjoy the deep trance coaching session in your lunch breaks. I also heard from many of you how much you have missed this deep recharger once a week and truth been told so have I.

And so I am extremely excited that I finally found a platform in which I can not only bring the trance group back, but allow you to keep the trances to work with them whereever, whenever and how often you like. You see back in the day people dropped in during their lunchbeak, had the live experience but couldn't take the trance home. And the more you listen to a tc session, the deeper the programming goes of course.

“Since our trance session when we worked through some blocks I was having, my career oppertunities have been rolling in thick and heavy. One job after the other; leaving me with a wonderful balance of my two careers... I have a new-found confidence that I am able to access all the quality work I can handle once I invite it in. I couldn’t be happier with the pace of all of this. On top of the exciting projects I have earned more money this month than I usually do in 4 month!

L.S., London

And so Trance Group is back, it is still live, but it is online. And weather you can join a specific meeting or not, you will always have the chance to listen to the latest or your favourite trances, simply by logging into your membership area. This way you have continous access to what you need. You can imagine that I have spent a long time meditating on the rate I can charge for this

When I was still offering single sessions it usually started at £130 for me to create a personalised trance, which is now only available as part of a coaching package. When we were running the live group people would pay £12 to drop in, but of course only had the one time experience. Now you will have access to all trances we do, whenever and wherever you want. And you can repeat and use them for as long as the group exists.

So I needed to find a price that reflects the value of what this work can really do for you, but I also wanted it to be affordable and accessible. So here is my offer for you:

“It works! Trance coaching has allowed me to discard my negative patterns and helped me to realign my thoughts positively in order to achieve my optimum life potential. Gido is a well established and highly gifted healer - a complete inspiration.”
M.S. Photographer, London

The membership should really be £47 for the full package.
However the first 30 members will register as founding members for only £17/ month. (Obviously you can cancel at any time). I know this is very low but I want to honour you who have been with me for so many years and have been on this journey with me. The next 20 memberships will still only cost £27/months, and we keep going in those steps until we reach the full rate of £47.

But what do you actually get?
The membership includes a new live trance every second week and access to all the recordings since your joining date. In September we will most likely reduce to 1 new trance a month, as I believe by then the archive will give you access to support on every topic of your life. As a founding members you will get your say in what topics you would want to have covered next, so we are creating your membership together. :)

Just to let you know, the first founding members have already signed up and we are staring in 14 hours! :)))

Tomorrow at 1pm is our first recording.
If you want to have access to the first recording please join the group here:
Of course you have a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk at all..

I would be very excited to have you as one of the founding members of the Creative High Achievers trance group and I simply cannot wait to start.

In case you never experienced trance coaching before:

A trance coaching session really is a perfect mix of hypnosis, guided meditation and visualisation and in my experience goes much deeper than any of those techniques on its own. With trance coaching we have the opportunity to address the autonomic nerveous system directly and surpass the critical mind, the gate keeper between your conscious and your subconsious mind that usually dictates the new information you can absorb. Thats right: Often new opportunities that you would love to have in your life are right in front of you, but they don't even register with your system, because your gatekeeper has filtered it out, in order to make sure that the information you 'get' suits your exisiting belief system.
We will talk much more about this in the following weeks.

“I wasn’t expecting something so powerful and intense.”
E.A. France

Once you are deeply relaxed your whole system is already resetting to be more vital, aligned with your true self and your immune system is fully activated. In that deep state we can then address the autonomic nervours system (ANS) that runs the automatic functions in your body, and your deeply rooted beliefs. I strongly believe that the relaxation part is a true gift for the body in itself and I always loved this deep trance state. I can literaly feel my cells buzzing when I come out of it. But I digress...
In this deep state when the critical mind is open we can then plant the suggestions that your system might reject otherwise.

In tomorrow's session we will work on self acceptance and being at peace with your gifts and talents, with what makes you unique and special. Just imagine you had that deep knowing that everything is okay and that you are good just as you are. How would you feel, act and react differently in your life if you would know and trust that?

Self-love and self-acceptance are the number one key to living a life you want, because it allows you to step out of your own way. And life truly becomes yours to create!

The fear I often come across when I address this topic with my clients is that they will be perceived as arrogant, too full of themselves or will not be liked. But you see in my experience the reality is very different. Arrogance usually comes from a place of lack and the need to project something that we fear isn't there. Someone who is truly accepting of who is, is usally very humble and lives in a place of gratitude and yet this knowing gives an enormous strength and power to back up his decisions and visions.

Are you ready to embrace your gifts and your true self?

Join the Trance group now and I will see you tomorrow then and we will dive right in.
For best results please wear headphones, turn off any distraction and make sure you sit or lie down comfortably. And as always don't listen to any trances while driving, operating heavy machinery or are in sole charge of small children.

I can't wait and see you tomorrow at 1pm London time.

Much love


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