What is the successful auditions programme?

Based on extensive research the Successful Auditions Programme has been designed for those who want to push the limitations of what they believe they are capable of and giving them the tools to perform to the best of their abilities when it really matters. Moving past the anxiety and debilitating low self-esteem that so many are trained to belief and that often cost them the job!

I have been there for 20 years of my personal performing career and I can tell you now that nothing is more rewarding than when you move past those old patterns!

The 'SAP' is a 6-week audio programme where you receive weekly instalments with your next module to work through. Each module is designed to build on previous successes and will help you change your subconscious structure and access more of your artistic potential. These exercises will open up new expanded possibilities not only in your audition routine, but in all areas of your life.
Over 6 weeks, each module builds on previous successes by working through the following stages:

• Week 1 – Your Paradigm Shift
Exploring and understanding your own paradigms and what deep down you really believe to be true about you in your career. Gaining that clarity often moves mountains, but we take it one step further and start changing and resetting these old patterns and beliefs.

• Week 2 – Release Resistance To Change Trance
Through the power of trance coaching, a hypnotic process, we surpass your critical mind to release the resistance to positive change and build new habits of thinking.

• Week 3 – From Default To Choice
In this week you will easily decipher your own audition process, the route you usually take when you are lined up for an audition or casting. From here we create a new process that is personal to you and helps you let go of possible pain from past meetings.

• Week 4 – Break A Pattern
Learn how to switch off anxiety and panic and enter a more peaceful state within minutes and how you can change to become subconsciously more courageous and risk taking, yet have a calmer frame of mind.

• Week 5 – The Audition
This module deals with the actual audition and the energy in the waiting room. We help you find the best behaviour in those situations to get the most out of your casting and you will learn how to turn negative emotions like envy and jealousy into a blessing for you.

• Week 6 – Letting Go
In this last step you learn how to let go of anything that might have gone wrong and detach from the NEED to get the job. This enables you to be freer in sharing your gifts, enjoying what you can do and be at core with who you are.

• Bonus Module 7 – The Integration Trance
In this bonus module you find another trance coaching session to integrate your new habits of success and the changes you obtained throughout the course. You have now reached a new level of confidence and knowing and you might want to repeat the course from your new level of being.

What people are saying...

"I have to admit that I had always been naturally cynical about 'self help', but then along came Gido's programme. First up, his process makes sense. It isn't all flowery and airy-fairy, it cuts to the chase. It makes you face up to where you are going wrong, accept it but immediately helps you change it. It makes change possible. The fact that it is work that you are doing by yourself, for yourself makes you get on and do it."
Abigail Rosser, Actress, London

"Should you doubt about doing this programme, I can only tell you that it's the smartest thing you can do. Its highly recommendable."
Zodwa Selele, Actress Germany

"The programme enabled me to take those things that I was thinking about myself and change them completely, by flipping them all around and make me more confident."
Lucinda Lawrence, Actress London

"I recommend this to anyone who is lacking confidence in auditions. From doing this I had 2 job offers, one of which I am currently doing...I've gained so much from this. All around it's been amazing and a definite life-changer."
Michael Peterson, Actor, London

“No matter how many classes you take to be technically better if the subconscious mind is constantly tripping you over it cannot end well. This programme has helped me to discover how I tick in relation to auditions and what fears are blocking my path to success. Now I can actually "enjoy" auditions. I can recommend this programme very highly to all artists who keep struggling with anxiety and uncertainty. I will definitely repeat it to continue working on myself.”
Massimo Camizzi, Actor/Singer, Switzerland,

How can you benefit?

Would you like to:
• Trust in your voice, your acting skills, or dance abilities during an audition?
• Stay open in a casting to take directions?
• Have a safe routine that you can trust before you go enter a casting?
• Discover simple yet powerful ways to break patterns of panic, fear, anxiety?
• Become more risk taking in an audition?
• Step out of feeling inferior?
• Know that you are good enough just the way you are now, with room to grow and get better?
• Be able to walk into a room and be at ease with your self?
• Gain access to your potential?
• Enjoy who you are and what you can do?
• And bring these feelings into your everyday life?

If you have said "Yes" to any of the above then the Successful Auditions Programme for Creative High Achievers is for you.

This programme is designed to help you create new habits of success. To help you push beyond your real and perceived limits, and to help you use each casting and audition to build on previous successes

"Do you want to really start enjoying what you do and not be tied down by your fears of judgement and not being good enough?"

Then join me now! As long as you have access to at least a smart phone with email access you will be able to receive the emails, loaded with mp3s and the accompanying scripts for your best way of learning. I do suggest you download the material to guarantee your life-long access to it.

I believe so much that this programme will work for you that I give you a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

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